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Tiny Homes

Taking Your Home With You When it All Hits the Fan

The Tiny Home Movement: The Appeal

People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons include environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire for more time and freedom. For most Americans 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads. This means Americans have to work 15 years (or more) during their lifetime just to pay for it, and because of that fact 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

With international attention on CNN, AP, Guardian, Huffington Post, NBC, Oprah, PBS and so many more, the tiny house movement has helped people learn about another way to live their lives.

Your Tiny Home: Possibly Your Most Valuable Survival Tool

tiny home on the road

I started thinking about another reason why the tiny home movement, in the eyes of a true survivalist, is one of the greatest ideas ever! When it all hits the fan and you and your loved ones have to escape to safety, you can literally take your home with you! So, in my eyes, having a tiny home makes the home a “survival” tool…your MOST VALUABLE survival tool. The one place in the world where you feel safe and secure…HOME SWEET HOME!

If You Have to Escape to Safety, Where Could You and Your Tiny Home Go?

There are a few solutions…

  • Backyards where RV’s or sheds are allowed (a friend or family member’s backyard for example)
  • Renting or buying your own piece of land (some people rent or buy land ahead of time just for situations like this)
  • RV parks

Some people even run a free Craigslist “Wanted” ad. When posting on Craigslist I highly recommend using a photo of a tiny house (preferably your own tiny home) so that potential land owners see what they are working with.

How to Get Started On Your Own Tiny Home

tiny home on wheels2

Tiny homes are cost effective and there are so many great options.

  • You can build it yourself. This can be the most cost effective option as you can use salvaged materials which will save you money.
  • If you do not have the extra time or experience you can have one built for you. This company, Tiny Home Builders, may be able to help.
  • You can also go to and browse the many great tiny homes for sale. Some of the tiny homes on this site come with land so it’s a great option if you are looking for both a tiny home and land.
  • Another option, if you prefer a tiny home without wheels, is a portable building that can be converted into a tiny home. They come in different sizes to fit your family’s needs. For example, this portable building from Home Depot can be converted into a tiny home and is perfect for a single person or even a couple without children.

portable building

If you’re new to the tiny home movement, here is a great video of one couple’s story of how they built their own beautiful tiny home.

When it all hits the fan, it is an awesome feeling knowing you have the option of taking your home with you! If you have a tiny home story to share, please tell us your story in the comment section below.

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