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[VIDEO] Like Digging A Ditch With A Pocket Knife

We often think bugout bag and commo when pulling things together in preparation for an emergency situation, government collapse or other survival consideration. The below video presented by MainePrepper & NursePrepper provides some practical but rarely immediately thought about Prepper necessities. You can dig a ditch with a pocket knife but it's gonna take a while. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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Are You Preppared?

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[VIDEO] Why Bugging Out Is More Complicated Than You Think

You might hear all the time about why bugging out just makes you a refugee and leaving everything you own is just insane. The reality is that like it or not you might not have a choice. By definition it would make you a refugee, but with proper planning it wouldn’t be the vision we have in our heads of hundreds of people lined up to cross a border or enter a FEMA camp. The reason a good bug out plan is necessary is to avoid these situations at all costs. Let’s take a look at some of the areas...

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After SHTF

After SHTF it's not time to plan, it's time to put the plans you have into practice. Starting with assessing the current situation, taking inventory of your stored and stockpiled supplies and then determining what members of your community are available and what their needs are (because they probably have not prepared anywhere near the level you have. When SHTF first hits and everyone is scrambling to feed themselves and to simply survive, you won’t see many people out wandering around I’m...

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Not Your Good Old Fashioned Kitchen or Pocket Knife

Hunting, fishing or self defense - one or the other usually involves the use of a knife. Check out our knife gallery and let us know which you prefer. Send us a pix of your very own knife or favorite one you would like to get at:  We can't wait to see some of your favorites. Dual Item Tools/Knives Are Our Favorite

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[VIDEO] 5th Amendment Enforced!

An off-duty Fontana police officer shot and killed a suspected robber at the officer's home in Apple Valley on Wednesday, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. An off-duty Fontana police officer fatally shot a suspected robber at the officer's home in Apple Valley on March 16, 2016. (Credit: LoudLabs) A 911 call about a robbery in progress came in at 5:39 a.m. from a home in the 20000 block of Ochoa Road, a sheriff's news release stated. The victim said he woke...

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[VIDEO] This Is Why Homeowners Need Guns

An investigation was underway after a homeowner shot and killed another man who was attempting to force his way into the resident’s home in Ontario, authorities said. The incident was reported about 5:15 a.m. in the 800 block of West Mission Boulevard, according to a statement from the Ontario Police Department. The caller told dispatchers her husband shot a man who had tried to break in through the front door, the news release said. The shooting occurred after a brief struggle between...

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[VIDEO] Top 10 Skills for Preppers

Survivalist and Preppers don't just wake up one more and decide it's time. Over time, they begin to accumulate and plan for the a bugout or doomsday. This way, they don't have to get ready - they stay ready.  If you are a new or even a seasoned Prepper, here are the top 10 skills you need to ensure you have for the inevitable event. After you check out the video, let us know what you think at:

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Bow & Arrow Gallery

There are many choices for weaponry, more specifically, bow and arrow kits. We've chosen some that we thought you might be interested in and display them here. Do you have a favorite from our gallery or a picture of one we don't show here? Show us a pix of what cha got at Bow & Arrow w/Scope #1

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Beginning Prep Items for Newbies

Considering diving into being a Prepper (Survivalist and Preparedness Enthusiast)? You will need to start somewhere and that somewhere is generally with the basic emergency backpack that can be tossed on your back or into your vehicle for a quick get-a-way. You should also begin to think about how and where you will stockpile non-perishable food items, all weather clothing, tools, flashlights, can opener, candles, matches, mini-power sources and weaponry (just to name a few items).   ...