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Not Your Good Old Fashioned Kitchen or Pocket Knife

Hunting, fishing or self defense - one or the other usually involves the use of a knife. Check out our knife gallery and let us know which you prefer. Send us a pix of your very own knife or favorite one you would like to get at:  We can't wait to see some of your favorites. Dual Item Tools/Knives Are Our Favorite

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Bow & Arrow Gallery

There are many choices for weaponry, more specifically, bow and arrow kits. We've chosen some that we thought you might be interested in and display them here. Do you have a favorite from our gallery or a picture of one we don't show here? Show us a pix of what cha got at Bow & Arrow w/Scope #1

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Beginning Prep Items for Newbies

Considering diving into being a Prepper (Survivalist and Preparedness Enthusiast)? You will need to start somewhere and that somewhere is generally with the basic emergency backpack that can be tossed on your back or into your vehicle for a quick get-a-way. You should also begin to think about how and where you will stockpile non-perishable food items, all weather clothing, tools, flashlights, can opener, candles, matches, mini-power sources and weaponry (just to name a few items).   ...

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Bow Shooting Tactics

Bow Shooting Tactics Stances and Grips to Practice Before the Big Hunt When it comes to bow shooting, practice makes perfect. A few days ago, we talked a little about sighting your bow before you go hunting. This is important to make sure that all your practice doesn’t go to waste and you’re actually able to hit what you aim for. But before you even think about going bow hunting, you need to make sure you have proper form and technique. There’s no other way to achieve this except to practice,...