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After SHTF

After SHTF it's not time to plan, it's time to put the plans you have into practice. Starting with assessing the current situation, taking inventory of your stored and stockpiled supplies and then determining what members of your community are available and what their needs are (because they probably have not prepared anywhere near the level you have. When SHTF first hits and everyone is scrambling to feed themselves and to simply survive, you won’t see many people out wandering around I’m...

Blog # Building # Do It Yourself # Miscellaneous # Shelter

Shelter In Place

The Treehotel has five rooms (the one shown below being the Bird's Nest), each with a completely different design. There's no place like home but if you have to temporarily or permanently take shelter elsewhere, which would you choose? Give us your opinion of which location you choose in these images and provide us with a pix of your current or preferred shelter at: Shelter #1