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4 Of The Best Jobs To Have After U.S. Collapses

These are just the top four. What else do you think would be a good job to have when the government in the U.S. collapses? Get prepared for it now because at this rate - it's bound to happen! Let us know what you think? 1. Paramedic — There will always be a need for emergency services. The money to fund these services comes through taxes, which we all know is as inevitable as death. Even during a depression, there is still money to pay for things like paramedics and ambulances. This is a service...

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Help! There’s Been A Disaster and All Of My Documents Are Gone

IT'S HAPPENED. DISASTER HAS STRUCK! It's too late to decide what to do about your important document. It's gone and now you need to try and get it back. Well, before disaster actually does strike, below are some steps you can take to possible save some of your documents. Be Proactive Before a Disaster Many of the major stressors after a disaster can be lessened by taking these vital steps before anything bad actually occurs. 1.) Photograph all important documents and store them securely in the cloud....

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7 Bugout Considerations

Bugging out is no easy matter. Even the best Preppers don't know what they are made of until they have to put the rubber to the road. The next few pages are key considerations in the event of having to bugout - but they are only the beginning in a long list of must-do's and have-to's. After you checkout our initial list, take a moment to consider your own list and current plans and give us your input. Getting Family Together

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50 Top Survival Blog Sites

New to survival and prepping or just want to keep up on the latest information in these fields? The Survival Top 50 site has listed in order of highest to lowest ranking top 50 sites all in one quick and easy location for your convenience. After you check out the sites on this list, let us know if there are some that you think should be on here and which ones are your favorite.    

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Beginning Prep Items for Newbies

Considering diving into being a Prepper (Survivalist and Preparedness Enthusiast)? You will need to start somewhere and that somewhere is generally with the basic emergency backpack that can be tossed on your back or into your vehicle for a quick get-a-way. You should also begin to think about how and where you will stockpile non-perishable food items, all weather clothing, tools, flashlights, can opener, candles, matches, mini-power sources and weaponry (just to name a few items).   ...

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23 Best Survival Knife Brands You Can Trust

Which Survival Knife is Right for You? A survivalist simply won’t go anywhere without his trusty knife. In the wilderness, a good survival knife is an important tool for hunting, cutting, slicing, making other tools, building shelter and much more. It can also be used to defend yourself from animal or human attacks. We have put together a list of the best  survival knife brands that you can depend on. It’s worth noting that survival knives have to be tough enough for heavy outdoor duties...