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4 Of The Best Jobs To Have After U.S. Collapses

These are just the top four. What else do you think would be a good job to have when the government in the U.S. collapses? Get prepared for it now because at this rate - it's bound to happen! Let us know...

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Doomsday Clock Update

Associated Press FILE- In this Jan. 22, 2015, file photo, Climate scientist Richard Somerville, member, Science and Security Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, right, unveils the new "Doomsday...


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Help! There’s Been A Disaster and All Of My Documents Are Gone

IT'S HAPPENED. DISASTER HAS STRUCK! It's too late to decide what to do about your important document. It's gone and now you need to try and get it back. Well, before disaster actually does strike, below...

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5 Things Not To Throw Away

Just because you no longer use it doesn't mean that it can't be used for something. Below are listed only 5 of at least 10 things that can be recycled in the event of an emergency situation. We've only...

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9 Excellent Things Never Considered When SHTF

I just read the most excellent article that spoke of 9 things that most survivalist and prepper sites have not mentioned. Read about some of the items below and then read the entire article and let us know...


8 Must Have Clothes Items for Your Bugout Bag

In the event of a bugout situation, you may have to survive several days or months in changing weather or extreme temperature changes depending on what area in the U.S. you live in. Check out some of the items...

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7 Bugout Considerations

Bugging out is no easy matter. Even the best Preppers don't know what they are made of until they have to put the rubber to the road. The next few pages are key considerations in the event of having to bugout...

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50 Top Survival Blog Sites

New to survival and prepping or just want to keep up on the latest information in these fields? The Survival Top 50 site has listed in order of highest to lowest ranking top 50 sites all in one quick...