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4 Of The Best Jobs To Have After U.S. Collapses

These are just the top four. What else do you think would be a good job to have when the government in the U.S. collapses? Get prepared for it now because at this rate – it’s bound to happen! Let us know what you think?

1. Paramedic — There will always be a need for emergency services. The money to fund these services comes through taxes, which we all know is as inevitable as death. Even during a depression, there is still money to pay for things like paramedics and ambulances. This is a service no one wants to do without and the money will be found to keep it active.

2. Truck Drivers are another necessity. There has to be a way to get goods from point A to point B. While the work may not be quite as abundant, it will be there.

3. Police Officers will be in high demand. When an economic collapse happens, crime tends to spike. This position is similar to that of a paramedic. People want to feel safe, and that includes government officials, so they will make sure there’s enough money to pay the police force.

4. Farmers may actually experience an uptick in their local businesses. After all, people have to eat. If you are a farmer who can set up a local stand, you have a great shot at selling your goods as long as you can compete with the supermarkets. A collapse generally equates to higher food prices. People will not be able to afford fresh food prices at the store and will support local farmers instead.

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