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[VIDEO] Apple Defending Our Rights or Setting Up A Grand Marketing Ploy

Apple vs. FBI Should Apple be forced by the FBI to make a program to circumvent the privacy safe guards in place?  Apple designed the iPhone so that it will not allow access to encrypted information...

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Solar: Critical Prepper Necessity

Solar power sources are critical to the Prepper and Survivalist. If you don't want to bother with getting the supplies needed to build your own MacGyver-style recharging system, you're gonna want to go solar....

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[VIDEO] Recharge Cell Phones When Power Is Out

How will you recharge or power a cell phone battery in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event, if electricity is out? There is a strong possibility that cell towers will be out nation- or worldwide....


Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Just what every guy and gal Prepper needs!   Facebook: Preppers Nation Twitter: @preppers_nation email: website:

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Beginning Prep Items for Newbies

Considering diving into being a Prepper (Survivalist and Preparedness Enthusiast)? You will need to start somewhere and that somewhere is generally with the basic emergency backpack that can be tossed...

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Do You Have Denim In Your Prep Kit

Denim has long been used for industrial needs and then later on used as garments. It's durable, protective and takes a long time to wear through.  Here are 10 unexpected ideas from American Preppers...

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11 Methods to Preserve Food and Stock Your Pantry

Examples of food preservation include but are not limited to curing, freezing, dehydrating, pickling, canning, salting, smoking and freeze drying.   Best Homestead & Survival Fresh food...

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[VIDEO] Mike Basich Amazing Off The Grid Living

There's no other way to describe how fantastic Mike Basich's Living Off The Grid video is. He has chosen to be in-sync with his inner being and nature's offerings. Just watch it for yourself. Facebook:...

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Prepping 101: Essential Survival Prepping Tips!

Ok fellow Preppers, this video is more for the beginner, however, as with anything, we can all learn something.


How To Build A Fire Heat Reflector For Cold Weather Survival

Here is a simple way to stay warm inside a quickly built survival shelter. This tip on how to build an easy fire reflector could save your life